We've Been Down This Road


Trophy Consulting is a software services company focused on improved Productivity and Collaboration leveraging the Microsoft technology stack:

SharePoint . Office 365 . Azure . OneDrive . Power BI . Yammer . Exchange

Our Expert Services are in the following areas:


Our expert consultants collaborate with our clients on site and data architecture, security and compliance strategies, governance, mobility, and process automation. We can also help you drive user adoption in your organization with customized training programs and product rollouts.


Our team creates specialized tools to extend and customize Microsoft’s capabilities. Our engineers employ the right development tool for the job from “no-code solutions” and configurations to Visual Studio hard-core development. Our development team combines a deep understanding of Microsoft code with talent and grit.


We provide worry-free maintenance for your Office 365 environment. Trophy’s knowledgeable consultants will monitor and support your Office 365 environment while managing the effective use of your Office 365 licenses.


Our consultants can migrate everything into and out of SharePoint, Exchange, and Office 365. We are experts in migrating and managing content: securing, cleansing, reorganizing, tagging, and archiving content. More than that, we can surface data from disparate systems to be used in your Intranet and mobile applications. Combining different data sources allows us to help you identify actionable opportunities.


Our experts leverage advanced data sourcing capabilities and the Power BI/SharePoint integration to deliver intelligent automation and valuable insights to your organization. We power corporate performance management by transforming raw data into meaningful information and making it accessible to your team through interactive dashboards and reports.

User Experience

Branding SharePoint is a science as much as it is an art form; it has the power to shape user experience and drive adoption. Finding the perfect balance between customization and leveraging out-of-the-box tools is one of our most valued and cost saving skills. We create an intranet experience that is unique to your organizational culture and that team members are excited to use.


“The Trophy Consulting team have played a critical role in getting our Global collaboration platform (built on SharePoint Online) deployed. The project scope was very broad, with a large number of key stakeholders, which can ultimately lead to competing priorities. It took management discipline and creative solutions to meet all the objectives while remaining flexible and responsive to additional requirements. Speaking for all of us at Solera, the Trophy Consulting team became part of our family, and integrated well with the culture and fast-changing dynamic. As of summer 2015, we’re fully deployed to North America and continue to work on the rest of the counties. In a rapidly-growing organization with almost 5000 people employed through over 70 companies in over 40 countries, this project was never going to be straight-forward, but the Trophy Consulting team helped to contain it, and deliver a well-polished, functional SharePoint Online solution.”
Pete White Corporate IT Director, Solera Holdings